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Tor Finds Tat And Grandad


An adventurous story about a young boy who has no friends because his speech is wobbly and the other children don’t understand him. When he is embarrassed, he has tantrums, which get him into trouble. To make matters worse, his parents are confused about how to help him.  

Lost and alone, his search for a real friend brings him close to ‘Tat,’ the neighbor’s kitten who he plans to kitten – nap.  

His mental health is improved as soon as he makes friends with ‘Tat’ and they play together.

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Tor comes home from school angry and annoyed every day as he is bullied because he can’t say some of his letters properly.  To show how much they love him, his parents try to make him feel better by buying him lots of toys.  

While playing in the garden he notices a tiny, fluffy, ginger kitten playing in Mr Bramblebush’s garden, next door. 

 He decides he wants ‘Tat,’ (as he can’t say his C’s properly) the kitten from next door to be his best friend, even if it means getting into a lot of trouble. 

Planning to kitten – nap ‘Tat’ is his best idea yet; he will do anything to get the love of the kitten he wants to be his new best friend. 

Will Tor get the kitten from Mr Bramblebush? 

This story explores mental health and how something simple, that doesn’t cost anything, like love can improve mental health.  


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