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Nimmi Don’t


Nimmi Don’t’ is a naughty, young girl with Down syndrome, who hates to have her routine changedIn the story, when her routine is changed, consequences for animals in her path are not good.  

Special needs and mental health issues are explored through Nimmi, who lives in a world where she can only be happy if things are always the same, otherwise she becomes unhappy inside herself and doesn’t know how to fix herself – easily.

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Nimmi is a naughty girl with special needs nicknamed, ‘Nimmi Don’t’ because she always does the wrong thing when she gets in a mood – which is often. But sometimes the moods come about because she likes to do things in the right order and when things happen in the wrong order it makes her feel wrong inside.  

Without her daily and weekly routines being followed in just the right way she becomes horrid and blames others for feeling bad inside herself.  

In this story, a simple trip to the supermarket on the wrong day breaks the weekly shopping routine, which ends in unhappiness and confusion for Nimmi, mum, nan and a few random animals that she meets on the street.  

Is there anything that Nimmi can do to make herself happy and give the animals their happiness back?  


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