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Lily Litter- Picker and the Whale E-Book


Lily Litter – Picker and The Whale is about a girl, with restricted growth, who is determined to save the planet and its animals, beginning with a beached whale full of rubbish 

The story explores our relationship with the planet and each other. It looks at themes of caring for the planet and its animals through an attitude of friendship, kindness and sheer hard work 

The theme of recycling and saving the planet are the big issues in this story.

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Eco – Warrior, compulsive litter picker and all round, little person and hero, Lily Litter – Picker investigates the rumbling, tumbling and grumbling sounds coming from the beach.  

She discovers, to her horror, that the rumbling, tumbling and grumbling is coming from a whale that is full of rubbish dumped in the sea.  

Lily Litter – Picker sets about trying put things right by teaching her parents and other grown-ups’ how to pick litter up in order to look after the planet and its animals.  

She uses gadgets like her extendable litter – picker and her coat of many pockets to recycle. 

Children will love Lily Litter – Picker; with her recycling and sustainability themes as well as her unusual, funny personality which doesn’t take ‘NO,’ for an answer. 

 This story is written in a simple, repetitive, fun, lively and action-packed way.  The twists and turns within it will keep readers amused and entertained, while picking up important ecological messages.  


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