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Lily Litter-Picker And The Big Cough


Lily Litter – Picker and the Big Cough, looks at the way people treat, ‘Earth Mother’.  Animals who are worried about Earth Mother’s worsening cough, find Lily Litter- Picker in the rainforest where they tell her she needs to save the planet from human pollution.  It looks at the theme of sustainability and saving the planet through friendship, determination and hard work.

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Eco – Warrior, compulsive litter picker and all round, little person and hero, Lily Litter – Picker investigates Earth Mother’s Big Cough, which seems to be worsening as time goes on making everything sick 

Together with a band of worried animals; a Spider monkey and McCaw, Lily  Litter- Picker sets off to meet, World Leaders to find a solution to Earth Mother’s worsening condition.  

Determined to save Earth Mother, Lily Litter- Picker takes on her biggest challenge yet which is to save the planet from all kinds of pollution and bring it back to health.  

Children will love Lily Litter – Picker; an unusual, funny, stubborn strong character who doesn’t know how to take ‘NO,’ for an answer.


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