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Eraser Boy E-Book


Eraser Boy is the story of Jamal an excitable, energetic, young boy, who moves into a new neighbourhood and wants to make new friends, so he can belong. A camping trip gives him the opportunity to make friends, but he finds that this is harder than it seems.  The story looks at themes of identity, race and self – worth, where Jamal is treated differently in a very subtle way.

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Eraser Boy is a fictional tale of seven-year-old Jamal, who moves into a new neighbourhood. Both, his mother and Jamal are very excited when the Oak-tree Road Friendship Group, organise a camping trip for a few children from the street to encourage friendships. 

Jamal is totally excited by the thought of making friends and having an adventure, but once there, he is confused by the way some of the children and the group leader treat him.  

Frustrated and confused, he absentmindedly uses the eraser, which he took from his mother’s special jar, on himself to find it makes him paler. He has mixed feelings about the results – but he does want to make friends…


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