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What information do you collect about me?

The following points relate to all users of our website: 

  • If our website is visited, certain information will be collected – for example, information about your device, your IP address, geographical location, your browser type, how you navigated to the website (e.g. through a search engine). This information may be collected by a third-party analytics service or by third parties using cookies, which are active on our website.   
  • If you contact us, any information in the correspondence will be collected. 
  • If you upload or post to any account on this website, this information will also be collected. 
  • If social media accounts linked to this website and its contents are followed, in accordance with the platform’s own Privacy Policy, information may be collected about the other people that you follow and/or interact with. 

How do you use my data?

  • Your data will be used either as part of our services to you within our legitimate business interests. 
  • This may be in providing you with personalized content, understanding the performance of our website or if we have a legal obligation to use your data. We may also share your data with social media platforms, so that they may also select and serve relevant advertising for you. 
  • We’ll always take into account any potential impact that our data use may have on you.

Who do you share my information with? 

Third parties we may share your personal information with; including those with who we work to deliver our business operations such as people developing or maintaining our services.

How do you look after my information and how long do you keep it for? 

We look for opportunities to minimize the amount of personal information we hold about you. We keep the information until you ask for it to be removed. You can unsubscribe at any time and have your data removed from our platform.  

What are my rights about the information which you hold about me? 

You have many rights about the information which we hold about you, including asking us to request access to the information we hold about you and to stop processing information about you.