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MONKEY IN A BARREL BOOKS Children’s Privacy Policy

    • If you are under 16 years old, you need to make sure you have your mum, dad, or guardian’s approval to use this site. 
    • When you use our site, we may end up with some information about you. This notice lets you know what information we receive, and what we do with it.
    • You have the right to ensure that if you don’t like what we are doing with your personal information, you can tell us to stop. If you want to do this or make any other requests, you should contact us, by emailing: [email protected] 

What information about you we might collect and when 

There are a few different types of information we might receive of yours, depending on how you use our site. We might receive: 

  • Your name and/or email address; 
  • Your log-in and password (if you create an account with us);  
  • Your social media handle (if you follow us, message us or comment on our posts on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, etc.);  
  • Any other information you provide (if you post something onto our site, or write to us); 
  • Technical information your computer, tablet, or phone tells us, like where you are and the device (e.g. an iPad or PC) you are using; and/or 
  • Information about your visit to our site, like which pages you visited, any searches you made on the site, and other sites that you go to from our site.

How we use information about you 

We use the information listed above either because: 

  • we have asked you and you or your guardian have agreed; and 
  • we have thought about it and we think it is fair on you (and us) to do so.   

We will use your information

  • To recognize you when you come back to our site, and provide you with content that is better suited to you; 
  • To send you newsletters and other relevant information that we said we would; 
  • To respond to you when you contact us, or otherwise deal with any of your requests; 
  • To do our homework on who is using our site and our services; and 
  • To run a safe and lawful business, and share information with those who help us to do this.

Who we share your information with

  • People who help us to carry out our business. These people help us to run our website and understand how it is being used; and 
  • People who advise us (like lawyers and accountants), or organizations who regulate what we do.   

How we look after your information and how long we keep it for

We endeavor to keep your information safe by making sure it is not shared with parties not connected with our business. 

We will only hold onto your information until you unsubscribe from our website.  

Your rights to the information we hold about you

You have the right at any time: 

  • To ask us to stop sending you newsletters and to delete any information (like your email address) that we hold for that purpose; 
  • To find out what information we hold about you; 
  • To ask us to stop doing anything with the information we hold about you; 
  • To request a detailed summary of the information we hold about you free of charge; 
  • To remove any and all information we hold about you; and 
  • To complain about us to the regulating body. 

Changes to this information

We may make changes to this notice from time to time. We will post any changes to our site, or let you know by sending you an email.