Monkey In A Barrel Books

Lily Litter- Picker
2ft 2in
Very Light
About 6 years old
  • Lily Litter- Picker is a little person in the truest sense, she has dwarfism 
  • Her favourite thing to do is to save the planet and its’ creatures by picking up litter.
  • Gadgets: she has a coat of many pockets for recycling, a spyglass to spot litter, a torch to see litter in the dark and an extendable arm litter picker to pick up that rotten litter! 
  • Her family are Mr and Mrs Litter- Picker who love dropping litter to her disgust,  Nanny Litter- Picker disappeared years ago but she was the one and only true litter- picker in the family before Lily.  
  • She wants to save the planet and the animals
  • She usually enjoys working on her own and doesn’t take any nonsense.