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Rubina Din and Carsum Din are a mother and son partnership, who have come together to write after years of practice making up stories in various hospital rooms. Usually, they would tell fantasy stories together in times and places of stress – but when it came to putting pen to paper together, they kept separate.

Both of them have enjoyed writing separately, but have never written together until they were locked in during the 2020 and 2021 pandemic lockdowns. That’s when to help with their mental health, they were both forced to sit together and tell stories to each other, it was then the light bulb moment happened! They decided to write their stories down – together.


Both of them realized the things that bothered them were to do with social justice, sustainability, mental health, physical disability, and equality. So, they started to write stories to explore and discuss these themes. 

And so – Monkey in a Barrel Publishing was born, writing stories with messages for young people who can change the world – one bit at a time!

They are both passionate about the characters, worlds, and stories they have created which encourage discussion about themes that concern them.  It is a great hope of theirs that this will be the beginning of a journey where social justice and saving the planet will be central to everything!

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