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Monkey in a Barrel Books tells stories through exciting, determined characters addressing current global themes in a fun, colourful, diverse way to get children thinking and talking about the BIG issues that will affect them in the future such as: pollution, racism, disability and mental health.

Book Of The Moment

Book Of The Moment

Lily Litter – Picker and the Whale

Lily Litter – Picker is a book about changing the world by picking up litter – one piece at a time.

Lily Litter- Picker And The Whale

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Customers Reviews

During a 'meet the authors' session at 'The Downley Primary School,' 'Lily Litter- Picker and the Whale,' was enjoyed by the children. 'Teachers were pleased'.
Headteacher : Mrs Taylor

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My grand children really enjoyed reading' The Growl in the Cupboard. They enjoyed the story, rhythm and theme '
Hamida Bano